Future home of HMI Guru where you will see many examples of
Human Machine Interface work created by PC, PLC, and Embedded
Programming Experts in the field of Human Machine Interface.

HMI stands for Human Machine Interface. Anytime an individual usually called an operator uses a machine of any type
there is an interaction where the operator must issue commands of some sort. These commands could be as simple as
turning the steering wheel of a vehicle or as complicated as operating the controls on a Helicopter.

Recently the term HMI has been used to represent a computer screen with either push buttons or a touch screen interface
that allows the operator to issue the proper command to an automated system. This website will focus on the computer
screen type of interface used in the Manufacturing industry.    


If you have screens of your HMI work that you would like to display on then please
contact: cjones AT My intention is to build a repository of individuals that are experts of HMI
design and interface with PC, PLC, and Embedded systems.

It doesn't matter if your favorite platform is Allen Bradley HMI, Siemens HMI, Mitsubishi HMI, Omron HMI, or Automation
Direct HMI. will represent the best in HMI design by the individuals and companies that drive the Automation
Industry with their creative works. We will provide a platform that will assist in matching the Industry's need for Industrial
Automation Talent with the
HMI Guru in each of you!   


You all will gain exposure and acknowledgement for your fine work as I have worked out several marketing channels
coming together. HMI Guru will provide targeted traffic interested in our field of Automation. It is time that HMI Gurus
go mainstream!


I've been in the HMI business for over 25 years from simple push buttons and Nixie Tubes
to the Flat Panel Touch Screens that are common today. This includes Big Screens down to
hand held PDA interfaces.

To get listed please contact cjones (AT)


Cliff Jones - Narly Software
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